Indielib 1.03

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An open code program with which to create IT games in C++ 2.5d language.

Maybe you are one of those users who aren`t satisfied with the games that come with a PC, and want to create your own. To do this you need a program like Indielib, which lets you create games in the C++ 2.5d programming language. Indielib is an open code program that needs to work in collaboration with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and DirectX SDK.

One of its advantages is that it offers an interface that`s simpler than the usual game creation programs. To accelerate hardware it uses Direct3D. The result is a better 2D optimization, although it also lets you create 3D models.

Indielib supports images of any size and also the application of rotation effetcs, mirror effects, translations, transparencies, zoom modifications, etc. It also comes ready to add animation scripts in XML and to define sequences.


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